Superbly-Prepared Italian Fare in Boston

It’s rewarding to see good things happening to good people, particularly when these good people prevail in spite of harsh conditions. The harsh conditions for Charles Draghi and Joan Johnson, co-owners in the role of chef and hostess respectively of Erbaluce, located in Boston’s Bay Village neighborhood, were among the worst for businesses in general […]

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Italian-Style Brunch in San Francisco

SPQR is well-known for its hearty Italian dinner menu. Few, however, know about its equally-satisfying brunch offerings.  The restaurant is small, but exudes sophistication with its sleek minimalist décor.  On a nice day, you can dine curbside and get in some good Pac Heights people-watching.  The indoor tables and bar set-up are otherwise equally inviting […]

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Dietary Wisdom on a Stone in Dublin

For those ready to dine in an establishment other than their own kitchen that applies many of the re-learned dietary wisdoms — you know them by heart because you grew up with them … fresh local ingredients, flavor enhancements with herbs rather than fats, including nutrient-dense, calorie-poor ingredients — then Rustic Stone by Dylan McGrath […]

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