Coffee with Soul in Los Angeles

From time to time your Correspondent needs to visit Los Angeles.  It’s an easy trip with generally pleasant weather and lots of places to see and be seen…. it’s all so glossy.  Not so easy, in your Correspondent’s opinion, is to find a place with some soul, much less one that puts some soul into […]

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Noah’s Ark along the banks of the Thames

Your Correspondent has provided many a coveted recommendation to clarify the somewhat byzantine London bar and restaurant scene and bring your attention to the crème de la crème.  Your Correspondent might provide one or two more reviews for you but, really, what’s the point? He may have more suggestions than you have time in London. […]

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Dietary Wisdom on a Stone in Dublin

For those ready to dine in an establishment other than their own kitchen that applies many of the re-learned dietary wisdoms — you know them by heart because you grew up with them … fresh local ingredients, flavor enhancements with herbs rather than fats, including nutrient-dense, calorie-poor ingredients — then Rustic Stone by Dylan McGrath […]

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Sloppy Joes in New Jersey

I have had a favorite sandwich since I can remember. And more than that, a favorite bite to my favorite sandwich. It is served warm and cold, savory and sweet, and in three beautiful sections. Behold: the Millburn Deli‘s Sloppy Joe. A Sloppy Joe New Jersey style is meat, swiss cheese, cole slaw, and russian […]

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