A Good Old-fashioned American Burger in London

Your Correspondent, in observance of the seasonal holidays, recently celebrated the end of the Lenten fasting period during which he abstained from some of his favorite foods:  grilled whale steak and creamed spinach with lardons, fried bald-eagle’s-egg-battered shark fin with tempura misto, rhino carpaccio with rocket and parmesan. OK, not really. But what your Correspondent […]

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Farm-Fresh Organic Food in Cabo

Eating at a resort can be lovely. Eating greasy Mexican food at a resort for 5 days straight is less than thrilling. When in Cabo, hop in your rental car (or a well-directed taxi) and head to Flora’s Farms & Field Kitchen for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or all three).  The drive is somewhat convoluted […]

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Bocce, Booze, and Bites in Sausalito

If you are familiar with San Francisco in the summer, you are aware that our nice days are few and far between.   Luckily, there’s an easy solution.  All you have to do to escape the fog is cross the Golden Gate Bridge and enter Marin County (a.k.a paradise).  First stop is Bar Bocce in Sausalito. […]

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