Epic Hoggery in Los Angeles

Following a manifest destiny of his own creation, Eric Park has worked his way west from earlier stints at Eleven Madison Park then to The Spotted Pig in New York City before opening his own restaurant in the burgeoning foodie scene of Silver Lake in Los Angeles.  As the latest arrival in a neighborhood quickly […]

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Italian Street Pork in the Lower East Side

Time. Such a curious thing that makes a difference to perception and reality. For example, the foundation of Italian civilization and the Italian food culture has been around for 2000 or so years; in America, its just about 1/10th of that. Interacting with Italians on many levels over his lifetime has left the impression that […]

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A Luxury Breakfast Platter in Copenhagen

Behold the leftovers of one of the most fabulous breakfasts that I have ever had! This is the Danish Luxury Platter, and it is something to be experienced. To start, there are three different kinds of smoked herring, deviled eggs with shrimp and caviar, smoked eel (this was so good I almost cried), plus two […]

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