Matthew Axelrod

Originally from New Jersey, Matt first moved to Cairo to serve in the public affairs section of the U.S. Embassy. He returned a few years later to live on his own as a researcher. While there, he loved hosting his friends and showing them the Cairo not found in tourist books – the best kebab shops, pigeon restaurants, and “stella bars”. Since then, he has always wished for a guide book that would just tell him the best few places to eat and visit in every city. Matt has traveled around the Middle East/North Africa, East Asia, and Russia – he has yet to see Europe, really, and looks forward to very soon. He is currently based in Washington, D.C. Click here for Matthew’s recommendations.

Caren Axelrod and Andrew SiwoffCaren Axelrod and Andrew Siwoff

Originally from New Jersey, Caren and Andrew have traveled throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East during their time in college. For a semester Caren resided in Rome while Andrew lived in Prague, both traveling from city to city on weekends and breaks. Now, both live in New York City, Caren working at Ralph Lauren and Andrew making his living as a film editor for various projects. Caren and Andrew love hosting dinner parties for friends and are constantly on the hunt for hidden culinary gems in New York. Click here for Caren and Andrew’s recommendations.

Jack Bradford

Originally from the East Coast, Jack travels extensively for his personal and professional projects. No matter which city, town or village, whether on business or vacation, Jack looks to sort out which establishments are the ones he’d revisit with his best friends or best clients. For him, these places accommodate an excellent and memorable experience – regardless of busy schedules and conflicting priorities. Jack is currently based in London. Click here for Jack’s recommendations.

Rebecca Bridges

Originally from the Bay Area, Rebecca has traveled extensively in the last decade.  She has lived in Spain, Thailand, and Dubai for short periods and has traveled all over Southeast Asia, and through much of Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.  A self-professed “foodie,” Rebecca views each trip as a culinary adventure and loves to discover hidden gems while traveling.  She has a current obsession with fancy mushrooms (morels and truffles), dark chocolate and a good glass of wine. Rebecca is currently based in San Francisco, but travels regularly to Sun Valley, Mexico, and New Zealand with her kiwi husband. Click here for Rebecca’s recommendations.

Amit Burman

Originally from England, Amit has lived between New York and Washington over the last 8 years.  Having worked for the World Bank Group, Amit has travelled extensively professionally and personally. His deep interest in good food and great bars ensures that he never travels without doing his research. He is currently based in Washington, D.C. Click here for Amit’s recommendations.

Nick Cook

Originally from the Midwest, Nick has spent the last decade living in Washington, DC, Kiribati, Sao Paulo and London.  Wherever he goes, Nick enjoys starting a meal with a wheated bourbon and finishing it with a tawny port.  Nick is currently based in London with his Omahanian wife where he spends his weekdays lawyering and his weekends searching wineshops for malbecs to wash down his favorite cheeses from Neil’s Yard Dairy. Click here for Nick’s recommendations.

Leonardo Navarro

Originally from Mexico, Leonardo moved to Taiwan to become a diplomat. While on the island, he promoted Mexican exports and managed a mariachi song and dance troupe. After working for a bread company in Beijing, Leonardo led the organization of business delegations accompanying the President of Mexico and others to China, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Within the these caravans, Leonardo was unofficial tour guide to Mexican businesspeople, diplomats, and magnates. He is currently based in New York City. Click here for Leonardo’s recommendations. Follow Leonardo on Twitter.

Autumn Sonnichsen

Originally from Los Angeles, Autumn moved to Berlin for a summer in her teens and decided to stay. She has since lived in Paris, Cairo, New York, and Washington D.C. Now she resides primarily in Brazil, making her living as a photographer. Autumn is a lover of vegetables and tea, which she keeps closer tabs on than her passport and train times. Click here for Autumn’s recommendations. Visit Autumn’s website.

Jenny Wu

Originally from China and brought up on the east coast, Jenny has traveled throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia, including Southeast Asia and inner mainland China.  As a traveler, Jenny tries to immerse herself in the cultural richness of a new place and believes food to be key in understanding it.  She loves to research the local delicacies that define a specific neighborhood/village/city, whether it’s street food or a Michelin-rated restaurant.  Jenny currently runs a fashion startup in New York City, where she never tires of exploring the city’s culinary diversity.  She has a particular weakness for all things bacon, and she can be found frequenting dimly-lit cocktail bars that lubricate the palette and good conversation. Click here for Jenny’s recommendations.