A Manhattan ‘On Tap’ in Downtown Manhattan

Photo: L. Navarro

In a city where one is seldom seated unless full party attendance is ascertained, it is very much appreciated when one can simply take a table and sit to wait away one’s companion.

Just a stone’s throw away from Pulino’s Pizzeria and Prune is Saxon + Parole.

This Correspondent arrived to Saxon + Parole attracted by prospects of a better Manhattan. The Saxon + Parole ‘Manhattan On Tap’ delivers – a 12-year-old Kentucky Bourbon was selected as worthy of becoming the star of this elixir. Once said bourbon acquires the desired aged, it is mixed with the ingredients required for a Manhattan, to be aged once more deep within Saxon + Parole’s caverns. Upstairs, it is served on tap. An aged Manhattan goes down smooth; the aged bourbon is well appreciated within the frame of a slightly sweet tang.

The bourbon itself is also purveyed on premises, for those wishing to savour the liquor in the privacy of their own homes. The cocktail is surely the most expensive concoction on the menu – however a $1.00 premium is worth a better Manhattan.

For those of more modest alcoholic ambitions, the Saxon + Parole Bloody Mary is also notorious. A self-serve option is available for those wishing to perform manual labor on a Sunday, or for those wishing to personally curate pickled vegetables.

Of course, Saxon + Parole serves food, and does not disappoint for brunch. On one occasion, poached eggs where ordered, and arrived on a bed of potato and prosciutto, adding the perfect taste and consistency compliment between aged ham and mashed potato. Greens tied the dish together. Baked eggs are on offer, as well as the now ubiquitous oysters.

Service on more than six occasions has proved excellent, and speaks of sound management and genuine interest in the customer’s experience. Not a moment is rushed, one is let free to delight in food, drink, conversation.

Saxon + Parole takes its name from two horse racing champions of centuries past, and is themed like an upscale barn where one eats. Horse blankets abound, bathrooms masquerade as horse stalls. Given its alcoholic and culinary merits, such high capital expenditures are perhaps unnecessary, but a pleasure to the view nonetheless.

If tempted to continue the merriment, proceed to Madam Geneva, a bar adjacent to Saxon + Parole accessible via a secret door located in the restaurant.

Saxon + Parole
316 Bowery
New York, NY 10012
ph: +1 (212) 254-0350

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Correspondent:Leonardo Navarro

Originally from Mexico, Leonardo moved to Taiwan to become a diplomat. While on the island, he promoted Mexican exports and managed a mariachi song and dance troupe. After working for a bread company in Beijing, Leonardo led the organization of business delegations accompanying the President of Mexico and others to China, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Within the these caravans, Leonardo was unofficial tour guide to Mexican businesspeople, diplomats, and magnates. He is currently based in New York City. Follow Leonardo on Twitter.

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