A Simple Sandwich in Amsterdam’s Nine Streets

Photo: M. Axelrod

Photo: M. Axelrod

A delightful establishment in an unfamiliar city. Perhaps a local recommendation, perhaps a lucky find, definitely worth a visit.Amsterdam is a city for strolling. Especially along the nine streets district in early fall when the weather’s nice and the crowds are light. Small streets lined with boutiques, quirky, trendy, old and new, criss cross with the city’s peaceful canals. The canals’ water keeps the air crisp and cool, the pathways light and breezy.

To keep this light feeling one needs a light lunch, a tide-me-over-until-dinner-when-I-will-feast-on-ribs kind of meal. Fortunately, there is a place for that. It’s called ’t Kuyltje and it’s a perfect little sandwich shop designed just to JustTellMeWhereToGo’s taste.

Why is it perfect? First, it is a sandwich shop with no sandwiches. Instead, each creation is made to order. Second, the creations are austere. Sandwich selections are few and simple: fresh rolls, dutch-made cold cuts sliced just in time, dutch cheese sliced the same. No anxiety of choice here. No experimentation necessary. And the decor matches the deli. Each of the restaurant’s two marble-topped tables are outfitted with salt, pepper, napkins, and a pot of spicy Dijon mustard, the latter a perfect complement to a ham and cheese on ciabatta. The walls are tiled white and decorated with a few posters. A handful of stools at the counter round out the shop. Sit here, or on the pair of benches outside and watch the strollers. The perfect punctuation to a perfect day.

’t Kuyltje
Gasthuismolensteeg 9 Herengracht
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

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Correspondent:Matthew Axelrod

Originally from New Jersey, Matt first moved to Cairo to serve in the public affairs section of the U.S. Embassy. He returned a few years later to live on his own as a researcher. While there, he loved hosting his friends and showing them the Cairo not found in tourist books – the best kebab shops, pigeon restaurants, and “stella bars”. Since then, he has always wished for a guide book that would just tell him the best few places to eat and visit in every city. Matt has traveled around the Middle East/North Africa, East Asia, and Russia – he has yet to see Europe, really, and looks forward to very soon. He is currently based in Washington, D.C.

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