Culinary Continuity in the Left Bank

Photo: J. Bradford.

Upon taking residence at The Ritz at the Place Vendôme, your correspondent chose to stroll around Tuileries’s charms on a hazy Parisian day before making his way down to the Île de France to cross the Pont Neuf and checking in with the latest left-bank English-centric literary scene at Shakespeare et Cie to see what might be on offer for new writers or new literary criticism prior to a refreshing glass of rosé at nearby Café Panis on the close-by corner back along the Quai de Montebello and at the cross from the park and the street of Rue Saint-Julien-Le-Pauvre, while taking in the latest Rive Gauche styles and modes of living and once there contemplating what might be on offer for dinner on a supremely sunny and cool evening in Paris at one of your correspondent’s favorite restaurants run by Christophe, the owner of Le Reminet.

After finishing a wonderfully cold rosé on a sunny evening, the chalkboard to the right of the entrance of Le Reminet tells its tale of daily market change while the presence of Christophe, its owner, suggests a culinary continuity – completely in the diner’s interests.  Le Reminet remains one of the undiscovered greatnesses of the entirety of French bistros.  Upon being recognized, Christophe will offer the best table of the house and, in this case, a few choices inside or one of the three tables outside.  Since dining with two companions, your correspondent chose the outdoor spot next to an older couple clearly inspired by Paris, its charms, and Le Reminet’s ambience to recommit themselves to the joys of pregnancy attemptation.  C’est la vie!

What’s not left to chance thankfully is the quality of the offer and execution of the meals as Christophe’s high standard plays out on your time there: one offer might be the grilled king prawn and octopus with gnocchi, green peas, black truffle olive oil, chorizo, ginger bread and lemon preserve. Exquisite.  Another might be the seared red tuna with socca, that wonderful chickpea and olive oil pancake, with cooked and raw vegetables with Caesar salad dressing.  A wonderful starter to match the lovely weather Mother Nature provided alongside a wonderful house rose to continue the wine theme of the day.  For a main course the knuckle of lamb braised with rosemary, crushed chickpeas and carrots with cumin, with reduced gravy with garlic provided confidence that street style cooking in Paris continues to shine well above so many other cuisines.

Of course Le Reminet features a cheese plate from the best commercial cheesemonger in Paris, located around the corner, which provides further savory points to the experience.

Le Reminet is a haunt of your correspondent whilst in Paris: do yourself the favor of getting a table there when in Paris. It’s uncompromising while retaining its flexibility to your needs in creating a wonderful experience on Paris’s left bank.

Le Reminet
3,rue des Grands-Degres
75005 Paris, France
ph: +33 1 4407-0424

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Correspondent:Jack Bradford

Originally from the East Coast, Jack travels extensively for his personal and professional projects. No matter which city, town or village, whether on business or vacation, Jack looks for establishments which are the ones he’d revisit with his best friends or clients. To him, these places accommodate and create an excellent and memorable experience – regardless of busy schedules. Jack is currently based in London.

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