A Luxury Breakfast Platter in Copenhagen

Photo: A. Sonnichsen.

Behold the leftovers of one of the most fabulous breakfasts that I have ever had!

This is the Danish Luxury Platter, and it is something to be experienced.

To start, there are three different kinds of smoked herring, deviled eggs with shrimp and caviar, smoked eel (this was so good I almost cried), plus two largish filets of some other perfectly fried and crisp and very spectacular fish, and lots of extra capers and pickles and bread and chopped onion and horseradish.  There is also a saucer of Danish mayonnaise which is deceptively light and lemony and very addictive, and therefore will probably kill you.

Then came the meat.  Something pink (pork) and something brown (not really sure) with some very fragrant onions and mushrooms.  I don’t really eat meat, but my dining companion is presumably something of an expert in this matter and she said it was fabulous.  There were also more pickles and some necessary oranges and raw cabbage.

Then there were three kinds of cheese (the gorgonzola was very nice) and some useless crackers.

There are also strongish dark beers and a charming waiter with a large belly that walks around with a bottle of aquavit, who told me when he filled up my glass that when I started to sing he would come back.  If you go, you should drink both.  And you should sing.

We ordered the breakfast for two (we were very hungry), but it could have easily fed five men with large appetites.  I was brought up in a family where one isn’t really supposed to waste food, and my dining companion was brought up in East Germany (where you definitely aren’t supposed to waste food) so I left with a slightly guilty conscience about all of the leftovers.  However, the guy at the table behind ours was clearly a regular and did not have any leftovers, so maybe I just need more practice.

Lunchtime is the best time to go. We went back for dinner the next night and did not order the luxury platter.  The place was was too full, the waitress was not very endearing, the food was not as good and the potatoes were cold.  Sit on the plastic chairs outside next to one of the heaters, and they will give you a blanket, because even in July Denmark is freezing.  The aquavit will also keep you warm.  The inside sitting area is cozy but the music is annoying and much too loud.  It’s also reasonably priced- the luxury platter was 180 Kroner per person, and the beer is cheap.

It’s the sort of place that one should go en masse with the boys.  Or with just one very nice lady, so long as she’s hungry.

Restaurant Klubben
Enghavevej 4
1674 Copenhagen

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Correspondent:Autumn Sonnichsen

Originally from Los Angeles, Autumn moved to Berlin for a summer in her teens and decided to stay. She has since lived in Paris, Cairo, New York, and Washington D.C. Now she resides primarily in Brazil, making her living as a photographer. Autumn is a lover of vegetables and tea, which she keeps closer tabs on than her passport and train times. Visit Autumn's website.

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