A Mexican Power Lunch in Downtown Mexico
Real BBQ in Safety Harbor
A Simple Sandwich in Amsterdam’s Nine Streets

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Scrumptious Pastries in San Francisco

Scrumptious Pastries in San Francisco

The line for Tartine Bakery is daunting.  It spills out the door and stops in front of large kitchen windows where bakers are stirring bowls of icing and piping cakes.  Watching the pastries carted off to be devoured, we could already tell it would be worth the wait to sample these morning treats. Once inside, […]

A Manhattan ‘On Tap’ in Downtown Manhattan

In a city where one is seldom seated unless full party attendance is ascertained, it is very much appreciated when one can simply take a table and sit to wait away one’s companion. Just a stone’s throw away from Pulino’s Pizzeria and Prune is Saxon + Parole. This Correspondent arrived to Saxon + Parole attracted […]

A Gothic Café in Barcelona

When hot and tired and walking in a strange city there is no better feeling than spotting, in the distance, an unexpected refuge. A spark of hope lights up inside and one either exclaims and points immediately or, more prudently perhaps, catches and then quiets oneself in the superstitious belief that he who names luck […]

Destination Dining Near Table Mountain

“Make a plan” is the phrase used by South Africans of all stripes to convey that someone is arranging something on one another’s behalf. When your Correspondent had business in Cape Town, he checked in with some old friends to see if they were available to reconnect over lunch or dinner.  Given the dynamism of […]

A Classic Gin Joint in Barcelona

Barcelona seems to have a special affinity for gin.  When one walks into any watering hole in the city, the liquor most represented behind the bar will undoubtedly be gin.  It’s no surprise since a gin cocktail of any sort helps beat back the balmy heat of Barcelona.  And if a martini is your gin […]

A Rustic Fare in Barcelona

Just steps inside the main entrance of one of Barcelona’s busiest municipal food markets sits the small counter resto Bar Pinotxo where one can enjoy some of the best eats on offer in the city. Once you fight your way through the crowds of the cavernous Boqueria Market off Las Ramblas and score one of […]

A Maine-sourced Lobster Roll in New York City

On a list of tough ways to make a living, owning a restaurant in New York City has to be somewhere near the top.  But what’s so great about it is that if you find a niche and that niche has a market, then owning a restaurant is a rewarding experience. So it is with […]

A Worthwhile Wait in Barcelona

After meandering through the narrow allies of Barcelona’s Barri Gòtic, passing scores of nameless tapas bars, your Correspondent finally found Plaça de les Olles, home of the well-known Cal Pep.  Your Correspondent had been warned that there is always a line at Cal Pep and so he joined the queue and waited his turn.   Your […]

Ottoman Meal Before Blue Waters in Istanbul

When visiting Istanbul your Correspondent makes a point of taking a meal at Tuğra, which offers a dining experience as wonderful and exquisite as the Bosphorous that the restaurant overlooks from the European part of the timeless city.  Located in the Ciragan Palace, a former seat of the Ottoman rulers, Tuğra provides a refuge for […]

Epic Hoggery in Los Angeles

Following a manifest destiny of his own creation, Eric Park has worked his way west from earlier stints at Eleven Madison Park then to The Spotted Pig in New York City before opening his own restaurant in the burgeoning foodie scene of Silver Lake in Los Angeles.  As the latest arrival in a neighborhood quickly […]